Married For His One-Night Heir

After her husband passed away, Gia moved to the Bahamas to start her new life with her son, Leo. After being haunted by her notorious family name for so long, she is finally enjoying the freedom she earned in this resort island. That is until she reunites with Santo Di Fiore, the man she has loved forever and her baby father after a one-night stand four years ago. After finding out that he has been a father this entire time, Santo makes Gia choose between giving him child custody or getting married to live in New York. As much as she wants to be with her son, Gia is terrified of going back to America, where she would have to go back to being a Castiglione, the name of an empire that has deep-rooted connections to criminal organizations. After getting everything taken away, Gia ties the knot with Santo to be a family with Leo, but she doesn't see the marriage possibly going well...


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Married For His One-Night Heir

Pages: 128

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artist : Naoko Kubota original novel : Jennifer Drogell Publisher : Harlequin

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