Secrets Of His Forbidden Cinderella

In the cold weather, Amelia visited an old castle in Spain to meet her first love, Theo, Duke of Marinselli, whom she once called her brother-in-law. Even after her parents split up, she still couldn't forget him, so she snuck into a masked ball held in autumn and spent a passionate time with him without revealing her true identity. I never expected to get pregnant, but I won't ask for anything. I'll let him know, and then I'll live as a single mother. But when she told him she's pregnant, Theo took Amilia away to his villa in the mountains and coldly told her that she would be treated as a duchess only if she slept with him.


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Secrets Of His Forbidden Cinderella NEW

To be a wife or a servant... I am forced to make a cruel choice...[128pages]
Pages: 128
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artist : Yu Senke original novel : Caitlin Crews Publisher : Harlequin

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