Melting, Thanks to his Sweet Kiss


The sound of saliva being exchanged lustfully echoes around the examination room... His tongue forces its way passed my lips, gently licking and stroking mine... Being kissed in such a wonderful way just melts me...

One day, Asami's curry-loving boyfriend plays up with another girl. Furthermore, she loses her sense of taste due to their frequent dates to restaurants purveying in spicy food!?She rushes to her childhood friend's clinic for treatment, but he's acting stranger than usual... "A sweet kiss can revive your taste buds," he says as he plants one on her!?Gasping, tongues entwined... is this really the start of the special treatment!?


Mature_Romance_MangaDoctors/ScientistsChildhood_FriendsLocalized by Renta

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Amai Shita ni Ikasarer Torotoro Dekiai Kiss

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Melting, Thanks to his Sweet Kiss (1)

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