The Greek's Billion-Dollar Baby

After her fiance's betrayal, Hannah goes on an impulsive trip to a Greek resort island, where she meets the most gorgeous man that she has ever seen. Leonidas is a mysterious man with beautiful yet sorrowful eyes that Hannah cannot help but feel allured by... The two share a passionate night together, but Leonadis leaves the next morning with a note telling Hannah to forget anything happened, which is also the moment she realizes that she spent the night with Leonadis Stathakis, one of the most successful billionaires in the world! As heart broken as she is, Hannah tries to move on from her one-night lover, except for one problem... She's pregnant! She tells the baby daddy the news, but Leonadis is devastated to know he made the biggest betrayal to his late wife and son... he tries to atone for it by proposing to Hannah, but promises there will never be love in their marriage...


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The Greek's Billion-Dollar Baby

I don't need expensive clothes or jewelry. All I want is your love.[128pages]
Pages: 128
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artist : Rie Nakamura original novel : Clare Connelly Publisher : Harlequin

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