A Cinderella To Secure His Heir

"Beth was a woman who took in her best friend's baby and decided to raise him on her own, but was forced to take an unpaid leave of absence, putting the family's finances under pressure. Unexpectedly, she landed a job at an upper class masquerade ball, but it was a trap set up by Alessio, the baby's uncle, a businessman: ""I'm going to adopt him and raise him with the woman who will become my wife. And that woman is you."" But if I refuse, I'll lose custody of Dom... The only way for me to protect him is to become the bride of that arrogant, overbearing, and prestigious family...


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A Cinderella To Secure His Heir

Marriage and succession are all part of business for him. Even in bed...?[128pages]
Pages: 128
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artist : Nanami Akino original novel : Michelle Smart Publisher : Harlequin

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