Watching You Watch Me

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Experienced playboy Kawai discovers a new side of himself when he meets the sweet and na?ve Hachiya! This is a hot love story about a young man who sells clothes and a sales representative who only looks like a gentleman!
Kawai appears to be a competent and refined apparel sales rep who is popular with his colleagues. However, the truth is that he's a domineering playboy. Bored with the guy he met online, he takes him to his store in the middle of the night to spice things up. The change of location fails to excite him?until he realizes that Hachiya is watching them, and that he's completely turned on by it...! Hachiya's hungry gaze ignites something in Kawai that makes him climax hard. At first, Kawai isn't sure what to make of it, but every time Hachiya looks at him with those intense eyes, he can't help wanting more...!


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Nozoki Nozokare

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