Wearing The De Angelis Ring

I want you to marry Theo De Angelis on paper, for 1 year... When her father suddenly asks her this, Alexa cannot hide her confusion. Even if it is to make her sick mother's dream come true, a sham marriage? Theo is rich, extremely handsome, and a famous playboy. No matter the deal that has been made between her father and his archrival, Theo's father, a sham marriage is just a waste of time. But when they first meet, against her better judgment, Alexa is thrown into turmoil by Theo's attractiveness. For his part, Theo finds himself drawn to the plain and serious Alexa!?


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Wearing The De Angelis Ring

If it's a sham marriage, why is the love so real¡Ä?[128pages]
Pages: 128
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artist : Shio Odate original novel : Cathy Williams Publisher : Harlequin

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