Santa Slept Over

Joy, a single mother and editor, is told on Christmas Eve that she's being fired from her job.? The only way for her to possibly save her job would be to convince a certain children's book author who has hit a slump to write a new book.? She immediately heads for the rural town where the writer was born and shockingly runs into her ex-husband who she hasn't seen in eight months! Joy still has feelings for him and they're swept away by their romantic reunion and drown themselves in a passionate night.? Was this a sweet dream given to her by Santa?? The next morning her momentary drunkenness wears off by the time she awakens.? When she hears the reason why Ryan has come to this town, her face goes pale...


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Santa Slept Over

Pages: 129

Rent (48hrs) : $4.99

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artist : Mariko Takahashi original novel : Jule Mcbride Publisher : Harlequin

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