Her Sicilian Baby Revelation

Orla, who was in Sicily for her sister's wedding, froze when she spotted one of the attendees, Tonino. Three years before, Orla had met him on vacation, fallen in love with him, and given him her virginity. But Tonino had a fiancee. She had simply fallen for him without even knowing who he was. "I've been toyed with by a multi-millionaire!" Orla withdrew in tears without ever knowing that he'd turned over a new leaf. When Orla and Tonino are suddenly reunited, he coolly tells her, "We need to talk about the child." Don't tell me you're going to take my son from me!


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Her Sicilian Baby Revelation

The secret treasure she received from a foreign love affair that ended after ten days[128pages]
Pages: 128
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artist : Maoko Nagasaki original novel : Michelle Smart Publisher : Harlequin

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