Lola, a single mother, had a chance reunion with Rodrigo, a wealthy man who was once her boss and lover. A bitter memory of a year and a half ago came back to her. On that day, Rodrigo misunderstood Laura as a woman who would sell herself for money and dumped her with a million-dollar handout, leaving no room for excuses. Ironically, it was the day she was about to announce the joy of her pregnancy. Rodrigo forced her to marry him as soon as he found out she had a son. Lola gave in to his wealth for the sake of her child's future, but she vowed never to make the foolish mistake of loving a ruthless millionaire again...




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artist :

Miho Ishimoto

original novel :

Jennie Lucas

Publisher :


Item List Current ch. 1 completed

The Baby The Billionaire Demands

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Pages: 128

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