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Today is the 20th birthday of Taiki and Haruki, a pair of twins who have been friends of Mitsuki since childhood. To MItsuki's dismay, she can't afford to buy both of them a present... Feeling bad, she offers to make up for it by doing whatever they request, but they soon take advantage by dressing her in a maid outfit and removing her underwear. If that isn't enough, they even ask to both be her first time!! With the pair lovingly caressing her from top to bottom, her entire body lights up with excitement!


Mature_Romance_MangaLocalized by Renta200pts-299pts Full Volume/Tankobon

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Sachiko Aida

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Osananajimi no Oresama Hutagi ni Semarareteimasu

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My Twin Childhood Friends Are Really Into Me! (1) [Plus Renta-Only Bonus]

Pages: 33

My Twin Childhood Friends Are Really Into Me! (2)

Pages: 35

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