The Rogue in Room 3

This perverted old man played with my body... I should have hated this, but why...Although he had graduated from University, Yuya was jobless, that's why he couldn't say no when his grandfather asked him to manage his old apartment. Once in the past, Yuya had a crush with one of the renters, Shino, a gentle big-brother-like who has an excellent drawing skill. Unfortunately, that man now has turned into a sleazy adult with perverted attitude! Not only that, Shino kept pushing himself on Yuya! Things get more complicated after it was revealed that Shino is actually the author that Yuya has always admired? Between lingered feeling, eternal admiration and the surrender to desire--Comical, Sexy, and Entertaining! "The Rouge in the Room 3" has everything that you expect from classic BL!

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The Rogue in Room 3

Pages: 154
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author : Choko Kabutomaru publisher : NIHONBUNGEISHA Co., Ltd.

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