A Touch of the Love Bug

A high-school student narcissist Takamura has a mission to gain information through a sexy Yakuza's mistress who also runs a bar, Renge. Takamura believes that no one can resist his charm, but apparently, Renge is in the different league. After several seductions, finally, Renge invited him to his house and having an intimate relationship with Takamura. But instead of devouring Renge, it seems like he is the who got lead on... This chest-tightening feeling, is it just usual frustration or does it mean something else?"A Touch of the Love Bug" is a thrilling romantic tales between an alluring adult and persistent young man who insisted on greedily devouring each other...

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A Touch of the Love Bug

Pages: 149
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author : Juugorou Isaka publisher : NIHONBUNGEISHA Co., Ltd. Irokoimushi

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