I've never had sex with a guy before, but this actually feels... really good!" My name is Shinano, and I'm a university student with many, many friends of the opposite sex. I end up at a German Club meetup trying to find myself some new numbers for my phone when I notice a super straight-laced older guy who's not really fitting in. My curiosity's peaked so I strike up a conversation only to find myself... drawn to him for some reason? His voice, his style, his smile... well, guess I'm taking him home with me tonight!! "Well, this is actually... super tight." It's both of our first times having sex with another guy, but he's... so sexy and adorable at the same time?! I've slept with so many girls before, but I've never had chemistry with one of them like this before. But then when I wake up in the morning... he's gone?! I don't even know his real name! How am I supposed to see him (and hopefully have sex with him) again...?!


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Takeru Glycerine

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Yarichin Dakedo Hajimete Otoko To Yattara Nigerareta

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