The Wedding Gamble

Sarah, a nobleman's daughter, is being forced into a marriage she doesn't want to cover her father's debt. Her intended is a baronet rumored to have problems with sadism. This infamous man displays a strange fixation on Sarah. However, Nicholas, the Marquess of Englemere and most eligible bachelor of this London season finds out about this and devises a plan. If he takes the courageous Sarah for his own wife, he'll have someone to manage his household and provide an heir and she'll be able to escape the baronet's evil clutches. They'd be killing three birds with one stone. Neither Sarah nor Nicholas ever would have guessed that the pain of falling in love with someone in a marriage of convenience was waiting for them in the future.?


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The Wedding Gamble

Pages: 143

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artist : RIKO YUKIMURA original novel : JANET JUSTISS Publisher : Harlequin

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