"How about only for this moment, you truly open your heart to me?" Komaki gave up on her dream of being an architect and transferred to an office job where she's struggling with administrative tasks. None the less, she always tries her best while simultaneously dealing with Tatsumi, a colleague who for some reason treats her very coldly, and Mr. Sumeragi, her boss who is a rumored womanizer. After she gets wasted at a work party, Komaki wakes up the next morning in an unknown room with her naked boss by her side!


Mature_Romance_MangaOffice_LoveLove_Triangle200pts-299pts Completed

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author :

Himari Himejima

JP Publisher :


Eng Publisher :

Manga Pangaea

Rating :


Japanese :

Daremo Shiranai Karada Goin Shacho To Okutena Kohai Ni Nerawarete

Localization by :

Manga Pangaea

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