Wolfe's Temptress

Rowan is a potter who has a past she'd like to forget. She decides never to give herself over to passion again and devotes herself to her pottery. However, when she meets a man named Wolfe who takes an interest in her artwork, she senses passionate feelings she should have long forgotten bubbling inside her. Why does she feel so drawn to him even though they just met? She and Wolfe spend the night together the first day they meet, and while bewildered by that, Rowan parts from him with a promise to meet again. But then she finds out that Wolfe is actually the half brother of her ex-boyfriend who died in an accident seven years ago!


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Wolfe's Temptress

Pages: 128

Rent (48hrs) : $4.99

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artist : KAKUKO SHINOZAKI original novel : ROBYN DONALD Publisher : Harlequin

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