Stay With Me!

author :

Hizuki Akiyoshi


Hayato Kurata is the popular kid at school, liked for his kindhearted nature and easygoing attitude. One day, Hayato ends up injuring the quiet kid in class, Yoh Miyamoto, during a basketball game in gym. Unsure of how to make it up to him, Hayato invites Yoh over for dinner. Even though Hayato only spoke to to Yoh a handful of times up until that point, he discovers lots of new things about Yoh, including his own feelings for him...!!When Hayato Kurata injures a classmate of his, Yoh Miyamoto, he invites Yoh over for dinner to apologize. During dinner, Hayato discovers many things he didn't know about Yoh, including his own feelings for him...



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author :

Hizuki Akiyoshi

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Intelfin Inc.

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Stay With Me

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Stay With Me!

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Pages: 41

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March 28, 2023 (JST)
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