In this heartwrenching new yuri manga, a teenage girl comes to terms with her own sexuality through her crush on her brother's wife. A TOO-LATE LOVE High schooler Uta must navigate living in close quarters with Kaoru: her first crush, her childhood friend...and now, her sister-in-law. After spending a year under the same roof with her brother and Kaoru, Uta witnesses the cracks in their marriage beginning to show. And when Uta becomes Kaoru's sole comfort and ally in their home, she is torn between her duty and her feelings. She just can't get over her...not yet.


Yuri_MangaSchool_Life Full Volume/Tankobon

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author :


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Ichijinsha Inc.

Japanese :

Tatoe Todokanu Ito Dato Shitemo

Localization by :

Ichijinsha Inc.

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