Aki's distant (non - blood) relative Shu is six years younger than him, and he's always been smart and kind.
Even now as a high schooler, Shu loves Aki just as much as ever.
Nothing has changed about Shu other than... those big arms of his... Oh, if only Shu would hold him in those arms.
To drown his feelings for Shu, Aki's been in a dead - end relationship with another man.
He feels pathetic for not professing his love to Shu, but he still wants to be his "big bro" a little longer.

One day, though, Aki's beloved angel Shu tells him that he's always loved him and wants them to be together! ...When he's old enough.
What will become of their special relationship!?


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Sana Sasada

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Brite Publishing

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Japanese :

Megutte Hiraite

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