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The World's Coolest Big Brother Is In Love With Me!

author :

Ichiha Kusahara


After being orphaned as a child, Yuito was taken in by his distant relatives, the Sakaki family. His new parents raised him as lovingly as if he'd been their biological son.
He got on just as well with his new big brother, Keita. Their brotherly bond stood the test of time, lasting all the way into their high school years.
But, at some point along the way, Yuito fell in love. Ever since, he's kept his forbidden feelings for his brother to himself.

One day, Yuito happens upon a shady - looking café That serves strange, exotic tea blends.
The owner offers him a drink that will make the person he loves do anything he asks.
Skeptical but willing to give it a try, Yuito downs the drink...
That night, he musters up the courage to ask Keita to kiss him.
How will Keita respondnd...?


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author :

Ichiha Kusahara

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Sekaiichi Kakkoii Niisanga Bokuni Horechaimashita

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