Double Beastly Trouble

author :

yanase seno


In a world where a rare anthropomorphic species called the "larga" live, Ewan Gwenthia serves as a soldier in the National Security Forces. When he and his squad seize control of an underground dogfighting arena to crack down on illegal gambling operations, he meets Zazie and Seto, the two reigning larga champions. The pair instantly take a liking to Ewan, so much so that they beg him to make them his dogs...!
This is a thrilling BL romance between two wildly dangerous beasts and a beautiful, ice―cold soldier!


Yaoi_MangaLove_TrianglePolice/MilitaryBeast_PeopleMythical_BeingsFantasyLocalized by Renta200pts-299pts

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author :

yanase seno

publisher :

Brite Publishing

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Japanese :

Double Dog Buddy

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Item List Current ch. 4 completed

New Release: Jun 3, 2024 (JST)

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Double Beastly Trouble (1)

Pages: 31

Double Beastly Trouble (2)

Pages: 35

Double Beastly Trouble (3)

Pages: 32

Double Beastly Trouble (4)

Pages: 33

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