Akira is one of the popular kids in class. Despite feeling uncomfortable with his friends and their conversations, he plays it safe and goes with the flow. Tired of his life, he ditches school on the day of the culture festival and goes to see a movie, where he runs into Eishi, one of his classmates, who is something of a social misfit. The two become fast friends... and Akira soon discovers different sides to Eishi that he usually hides from others, which are too cute for words... A story of young love between a gorgeous guy at the top of the social ladder and a bespectacled outcast at the bottom.


Yaoi_MangaSchool_LifeClassmatesLocalized by Renta200pts-299pts

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Brite Publishing

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Seifuku Nugitai

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I Want To Take Off My Uniform (1)

Pages: 37

I Want To Take Off My Uniform (2)

Pages: 33

I Want To Take Off My Uniform (3)

Pages: 41

I Want To Take Off My Uniform (3.5)

Pages: 27

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