When Mayu Sakurai goes into a conference room alone with her young male subordinate, it was supposed to be for a meeting, but then he starts licking her all over... She's never felt so good before!!
...Mayu has always been quick to fall for hot guys who are also bad partners. Because she lets them get away with anything just for being handsome, most of the guys she dates end up cheating on her. After one particularly painful breakup, Mayu swears off both intimacy and love and dedicates herself solely to her career. But then, Takeru Souma, a young elite businessman, transfers in from the New York office and her life changes completely! In the office during the middle of the day, his passionate tongue touches all of her sensitive spots... This pleasure is too much for her long―abandoned body to handle!


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Chiyuki Naruse

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Elite Buka ha Atchi mo Sugoi Torotoro ni Nametsuku Sugokujoetchi

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My Elite Co-Worker Is Also Great In Bed -Super Hot Activities That Make Me Dripping Wet- (1)

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