My Overprotective Childhood Friend Is A Covetous Stalker

author :

Chiharu Beniya


Uta Hanasaki's childhood friend Mitsuki Kogami is the perfect guy. Handsome, hard―working, and kind, he is popular with the women at the office, but he only has eyes for Uta. For some reason, he comes to her apartment every day to cook, clean, and do the laundry. Not wanting to be a burden to Mitsuki, Uta decides to become more self―sufficient, and asks her male friend Kai to accompany her to a cooking class. After that, Mitsuki starts acting strange, and one night, she wakes up to find him in her bedroom...


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author :

Chiharu Beniya

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Supadari Kahogo na Osananajimi ha Shitto Bukakute Mechamechayarashii

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My Overprotective Childhood Friend Is A Covetous Stalker (1)

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