Yuzuki Ikeda has just turned 29. Since hearing at an early age that she wasn't likely to live to be 30, her birthday certainly wasn't a happy event. She also never really had much interest in love, either... until Mitsuhide Amaki, her 31―year―old childhood friend and doctor, suddenly proposes to her!! Although he's good―looking, he acts suspiciously and is a pervert who gets a nosebleed every time she visits him for a check―up. Yuzuki has never considered him boyfriend material, but she can't reject his proposal in front of her delighted parents. Promising not to do anything, he begs her to let him sleep in bed with her... That's when he removes her underwear and starts using his tongue...!!


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Kaiji Umeda

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Nijukyusai Yomeiichinen Hentai Ishi wo Kekkon Surukotoninarimashita Mitsuhidekun no Dekiai ga Kajosugiru

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Age 29 With A Year Left To Live, I'm Marrying A Dirty Doctor -He Dotes On Me Way Too Much!- (1)

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