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Princess, can you tell that I'm inside?

“I'm carving through your insides." Lilac is a knight who suddenly appeared before Princess Iris, a girl imprisoned in a tower who was feared to be a witch. He stated that he came to protect her, and without hesitation, touched the princess, who had never been close to anyone before. Iris gradually grew to trust him. When she was about to be assassinated through a plan created by her stepmother, but she was saved at the last moment by Lilac, who helped her escape. As Lilac embraced her, Iris first realized her feelings of love. “Please show me you at your climax," he murmured into her ear. This is a historical love story between a princess and a knight with one eye!


Mature_Romance_MangaFantasyPolice/Military Completed

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BisouBisou Comics

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Toraware no Hime to Karisome no Kishi Hisoka na dekiai

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BisouBisou Comics

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The Caged Princess and Her Passing Knight Vol.1

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