Mr. Policeman and the Missing Kids

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Welcome to Ponpo Land, a peaceful place where humans and animals coexist in harmony!

Rookie canine cop Daifuku entered the police force with dreams of taking down baddies alongside Justice, the hero of Ponpo Land. Much to his dismay, however, he's been assigned to the quiet Missing Child Unit instead. When a missing cat girl appears one day, Daifuku hopes it will lead to a bigger case when she says she's run away from home. However, all it leads back to is the girl's father, a new cat in town who seems to need all the help he can get!

The romance between a hotshot rookie cop and a laidback single father has only just begun...


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Maigo to Omawarisan

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Animate International Co., Ltd.

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Mr. Policeman and the Missing Kids_volume1

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