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The whispers, kisses, and touches of the beautiful prince are all overwhelmingly sweet!

"You're my soulmate." The love of the crown prince was sweet, lewd, and far too deep. Milia, a noble's daughter who worked as the princess's lady's maid, suddenly found a flower-shaped bruise on her body. It was proof that she was to be the bride of the crown prince, Elliot, who had recently come of age. She was shocked to have been chosen even though she didn't believe she was suited to him, seeing as she was from a low-ranking noble family. Milia couldn't wrap her head around it, so she asked the princess for a short vacation so she could go home to her family. However, Elliot left before her and stopped her in the middle of her travels. "I love you. I don't want to return you to your family." Elliot's overly sweet kisses and caresses taught Milia just how deeply he loved her!


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The Crown Prince is Too Sweet on Me!

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