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Division Head × Employee
The closeted division head has a one-sided crush on his straight subordinate.

Haruto Momoyama, 28 years old, arrived at the insurance company's public relations department after being transferred to its magazine division run by Jouji Sakura, 35 years old. Having recently broken up with his boyfriend, Sakura is hesitant about love, but he finds himself drawn to Haruto's smile and honesty. However, it's clear that Haruto is straight. Sakura begins to give up on his unrequited love, but Haruto starts getting oddly close, leaving him confused. He leans in closer, helps with overtime work when they're alone, and even comes to visit Sakura's house saying he wants to see the cat. These innocent actions are simply Haruto's lack of understanding of personal boundaries. Will the hearts of these middle-aged salarymen find their way in this tale of love?


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Momo-Colored Heartbeat[Plus Bonus Chapter]

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