A mismatched romance between Kuroda, a guy with a tough appearance, and Yuichi, a nice young man!

"My life is for the hedgehogs!" boasts Tetsu, a guy who adores hedgehogs and works at a hedgehog cafe for a specific desire. Yuichi, a mysterious customer, continuously bothers Tetsu. Yuichi always brings flashy, loud people to the cafe and is constantly annoying Tetsu with overly familiar touches. However, after an unexpected incident, Tetsu ends up having to hold lessons on hedgehogs for Yuichi alone! This romance between a mysterious actor and a tough-looking part-timer starts with hedgehogs! In this same volume is a story about a slightly sexy lesson between a popular voice actor and an actor at a critical moment in his career, as well as a sad love story with a ghost in a run-down house.


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BisouBisou Comics

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