Eiji Tosa is a young delinquent who spends his days picking fights with everyone he sees. At least, until he gets sent to a juvenile detention facility and assigned a probation officer!
Eiji is in no mood to cooperate with grown-ups, but curiosity gets the better of him and he decides to at least show up to the interview.
When he arrives at the steel mill to meet his probation officer, he immediately clashes with the unsavory characters working there!!
Just when a fight is about to ensue, Eiji's probation officer, Ko Hasuki, appears. And the first thing he does is punish Eiji... by spanking him silly in front of everyone!
Even though it's just a spanking, Eiji experiences a pleasure he's never felt before... Ko seems to feel it, too, because the sight of Eiji's blissful face makes him want to bully the young man even more...


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Hal Akane

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Japanese :

Abunai Hogoshi to Kyouken Yankee

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Item List Current ch. 1 completed

My Probation Officer's More Dangerous Than Me! (1)

Pages: 28

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