The Fantasy-Driven Career Woman Longs For Her Incubus

author :

Rami Takashino


Chihiro Saitou (27) has never had a boyfriend because of her too-high standards.
So, in order to forget about reality, she loses herself in super lewd fantasies.
One day, while she's lost in a steamy daydream, the new hire, Rem, suddenly hugs her from behind. She is surprised to find that he is reenacting her fantasy perfectly... when he suddenly grows horns and a tail, and asks her to make a deal with him in exchange for her fantasies...!
He can reenact her fantasies so perfectly, the pleasure lingers in her body for a while afterwards!! Is it really okay to make a deal with an incubus!?

A love story starting from a contract between an incubus and a fantasy-driven career woman.



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author :

Rami Takashino

publisher :

EIWA Publishing Inc.

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Japanese :

Mousou OL wa Incubus to XXX Shitai

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The Fantasy-Driven Career Woman Longs For Her Incubus

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Pages: 43

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April 26, 2024 (JST)
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