Please, Melty Theater

author :

Chiaki Kasai


In a Melty Theater, you will find many gay couples sexually aroused in the mood. They come to find casual partners and hook up or they can actually do inside the theater in front of other audiences. That's the Melty Theater, a famous place for gay men as a cruising ground. An office worker, Ebine, falls in love with Kiriyama, a capable handsome co-worker who has been sent from a local office to the head office for one month. The last day, Ebine cannot resist asking Kiriyama out to spend some time alone together. He just wants to take a good memory with him but surprisingly, the place where Kiriyama takes him to is a Melty Theater! Kiriyama starts to touch Ebine who is still nervous as he thought Kiriyama was normal, but overwhelmed by the ambience of the theater, his body reacts and he cannot stop feeling... cannot even say no to Kiriyama's words, “Can I show him this?"


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author :

Chiaki Kasai

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Onegai Melty Gekijo

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