One Love: Lady Kasuga's Tale

Long ago, during the Edo Period, there was a woman by the name of Ofuku who would do anything to preserve the rule of the Tokugawa family. This included stopping at nothing to ensure that Iemitsu was able to overcome inner-family conflict to ascend to his destined position as the third-generation Tokugawa general. However, in her efforts ensure the stable reign of the Tokugawa family, Ofuku incurred the wrath of Iemitsu's blood mother, who felt constantly threatened by Ofuku's proximity to Iemitsu. This power struggle wasn't lost on a dismayed Iemitsu, who came to distrust - and even dislike - women as a result. With no visible hope for for a successor to the Tokugawa family to come into being, a deeply alarmed Ofuku readies a last-ditch plan to save the family from extinction!

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One Love: Lady Kasuga's Tale

Pages: 49

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Author : Maiko Asano Publisher : G2Comix Oni to Natta Haha no Ai

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