The Breaker-Upper

Armed with her charming long hair and sex appeal, the gorgeous Sara Jonouchi is a professional "breaker-upper." One day, Sara takes on a request from a middle-age housewife to catch her "cheating" husband in the act so that she can collect what's hers and leave him in the dust. Sara uses every trick in the book to seduce her target - - with no results! Skeptical about the housewife's motives, Sara asks that she be looked into. A little bit of research shows that while her serious, mild-mannered husband is at work, the housewife is dressed up and out on the town. Where is she heading every day!?

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the Breaker-Upper

Pages: 25

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Author : Akane Kogetsu Publisher : G2Comix Wakaresaseya Jounouchi Sara

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