How Misuzu Got a Leg Up

Author :

Haruko Sakuma


Misuzu's humdrum office lady existence starts to change big-time when she catches an ace salesman in the act with a member of the opposite sex - and in a company meeting room. no less! Playing stupid the next day is futile as Misuzu is cornered by the handsome salesman and sworn to secrecy - but his subsequent advances might make Misuzu next in line!


Mature_Romance_MangaOffice_LoveLove_Triangle100pts-199pts Completed

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Author :

Haruko Sakuma

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Japanese :

Shanaihi Zecchou Gyoumu

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How Misuzu Got a Leg Up (1)

Pages: 26

How Misuzu Got a Leg Up (2)

Pages: 27

How Misuzu Got a Leg Up (3)

Pages: 27

How Misuzu Got a Leg Up (4)

Pages: 27

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