My Boss Is a Hidden "Virgin" Pervert

author :

Nonki Suzumoto


Nanami works at an apparel company, but he has a secret he can't tell anyone: he's gay and a virgin. Not only that, he enjoys "playing" with one of the mannequins at the office late at night! One night his good-looking subordinate Fujieda sees him with the mannequin! Instead of exposing him, Fujieda makes him do a "masturbation show" with the mannequin every night after that. When they find out Nanami is supposed to be transferred, will their relationship change...?


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author :

Nonki Suzumoto

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Japanese :

Muttsuri Doutei Joushi Abakareta Mannequin to no Shinya Zangyou

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My Boss Is a Hidden "Virgin" Pervert "Late Night Overtime with a Mannequin Exposed"

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Pages: 33

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November 17, 2016 (JST)
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