Oh! Sexy Electric Girl / Merumeru-Chan (1-6set)

"Master, since I've become human, you can have me do anything you want... even erotic things are fine with me..."A cellphone turns into a beautiful girl!! To thank her master for always taking care of her, the cellphone becomes the beautiful "Keitai Merumeru" so she can repay him. She tells her master, Shiro, that she can grant him three wishes. What kind of wishes can she grant that she couldn't do as a cellphone!? It's the beginning of a strange new life for the naturally energetic girl Merumeru and her very confused master Shiro...!

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Oh! Sexy Electric Girl / Merumeru-Chan (1-6set)

Pages: 244

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author : Chiyoko Nonomiya publisher : futurecomics Aan Moeden Girl Merumeru-Chan

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