Living with Your First Love

author :

Ryo Akizuki


When her father remarries, Chiharu suddenly has four new brothers. They're all good-looking and kind...which is no surprise, since all four of them work as hosts! They all start living together, but actually Chiharu doesn't really like hosts, so she tries to draw a line somewhere. Then, the second son, Minami, who had been nice before, suddenly starts chasing after her! "If you won't do what I say, why don't I just force you?" he says devilishly, and starts messing around with Chiharu "down there"...! Thus begins her life with these four suddenly changed hosts...!


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author :

Ryo Akizuki

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Japanese :

Hatsukoi Dousei Ikemen Host 4 Kyoudai ni Nerawareta Nanokakan

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Living with Your First Love -7 Days with 4 Handsome Host Brothers-

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Pages: 33

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November 05, 2016 (JST)
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