Men's Sushi Bar -Fresh Boys Now Available-

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On his way home from work, a suspicious man give Kyoji a flyer for a new kaiten-sushi place. When Kyoji goes to the basement restaurant to have some sushi, what he sees is beautiful young men revolving on the conveyor belt! It seems that this is a place where you can choose one of the boys on the panel and have a taste of them in a private room! Kyoji is straight and wasn't interested in men, but he gives in to curiosity and decides to give one of the boys a taste, but... Don't miss this story of rich sex with a beautiful collection of boy-sushi with excellent technique, with an unexpected twist ending.


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Kaiten Osushi Ikino Ii Danshi Hajimemashita

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Men's Sushi Bar -Fresh Boys Now Available-

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February 27, 2016 (JST)
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