100,000,000 Yen Cunt

Mirei has been enjoying her new sex life with her newly-married husband, when suddenly, tragedy strikes! Her husband Koichi has incurred a huge debt! And the only way to pay it back is for Mirei to take part in the Sex Fight, an extreme deathmatch which pays out a hundred million yen to the winner! Whoever cums first loses, putting amateurs at the disadvantage! Despite that, however, Mirei does surprisingly well, because she possesses a one-in-one-thousand "exquisite organ!" She's a natural sex fighter! Waiting for her in the finals, however, is a godlike sex prince! How will her cunt take on his invincible manhood?!

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100,000,000 Yen Cunt

Pages: 62

Rent (48hrs) : 200 pts


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author : Tokei Shisei publisher : futurecomics Ichiokuenn no Asoko

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