A 65 Year Old Virgin Teaches the Most Pleasurable Sex

A doctor who's been a virgin his whole life suddenly develops a drug that makes him regain his youth! It also secrets hormones that attract the opposite sex, so he becomes popular without having to do anything! And he can have as much sex as he wants! And so, as he basks in the ecstasy of his new aphrodisiac, a rival company sets their sights on him... but just before they can steal it, he drinks it all! In a flash, he gains his youth back and becomes a super hunk doctor! All he has to do is walk, and nurses come running! All the women in the world are in the palm of his hand! Or so he thought, until an unexpected side-effect kicks in...

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A 65 Year Old Virgin Teaches the Most Pleasurable Sex

Pages: 32

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author : Asuku Akaneya publisher : futurecomics 65Sai Doutei Ojii ga Oshieru Saikou ni Kimochi no Ii Sex

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