Peacock Lord

author :

Makoto Ogino


Kujaku is a young Ajari,a monk with the power to destroy all evil and a pure heart of mercy,who has inherited the name of the Peacock Lord.With the powers of his esoteric buddhism,he travels the land destroying evil monsters,demons,and ghosts! His adventure begins when a monster appears at a TV station,but upon a closer look,Kujaku finds a powerful grudge from a weak victim who was exploited by the TV station in order to increase ratings.As the story goes on,Kujaku awakens more and more to his godlike powers and does battle with creatures from legends all over the world.Get ready to be blown away by this epic action masterpiece!


Shonen_MangaBattle/ActionFantasyAnime/Movie from MangaLocalized by Renta100pts-199ptsUpgrade Full Volume/Tankobon

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author :

Makoto Ogino

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Kujaku Ou

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