0.03 mm Business Department: Humanoid XXX

author :

Junko Shiba


One day Okajima, a high-class shoe salesman, is suddenly ordered to transfer. His destination is, of all places, the condom department! And the condoms here aren't the normal shape... wait, they're humanoid!? Told to go out and make sales with the his partner humanoid condom Kondou, whose abilities he doesn't even know, Okajima is completely bewildered. Kondou and his senior approach the confused Okajima to teach him how to use this new product. Don't miss Okajima's over-erotic office romance as he struggles to somehow improve his sales results while being toyed with by the cute humanoid condom Kondou and his sarcastic senior Tamari!


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author :

Junko Shiba

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Japanese :

Eigyou 0.03 mm Bu Hitogata na XXX

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0.03 mm Business Department: Humanoid XXX

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October 28, 2014 (JST)
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