In an age where the world is oversaturated with material things, you are now able buy almost anything at the convenience store, including a male prostitute! Masaya is known as a lottery fiend among some in the convenience store industry. On this day he is once again store-hopping to try and find the outstandingly beautiful "Secret" in the new lottery series. It takes him a while but finally he finds this super rare pick, and his name is Tomo. However, no matter what Masaya does, be it licking him or toying with him, Tomo's body shows no reaction at all. Just when he is wondering if the "Secret" is in reality a dud, he learns that there is a secret to unlocking the power of this rare pick...


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author :

Kameko Nanase

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Japanese :

Conveni Jambo Otokokuji

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Item List Current ch. 1 completed

Win a Man at the Convenience Store Lottery

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Pages: 33

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