Great Bodhisattva Peak

The silent sword of death! A bewtiching, dark swordsman who wanders the darkness - Tsukue Ryuunosuke! This legendary novel that spans over a hundred years has been revived through the super intense art of Fukushima Masami, the art king of the Heisei Era! Many famous authors of historical Japanese literature have praised this work, from Miyazawa Kenji, who wrote the lyrics and music for the "Great Bodhisattva Pass Song," to Akutagawa Ryuunosuke, Tanizaki Junichirou, Izumi Kyouka, and Kikuchi Kan! Nakazato Kaizan's legendary novel, which penetrates the depths of human existence, is brought to life by Fukushima Masami, who's dynamic the art-style took the Heisei Era by storm! The story begins in the Bakumatsu Era, where a new age is sensed on the horizon. Long ago, on a sacred, exalted peak, a Bodhisattva statue was put in place. This place was Great Bodhisattva, which stands on the border of Kai and Musashi, and it is where sinful journeys are made.

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Great Bodhisattva Peak Vol.1

Pages: 59
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Great Bodhisattva Peak Vol.2

Pages: 52
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author : Masami Fukushima script : Shouhei Oonishi original : Kaizan Nakazato publisher : GROUP ZERO Daibosatsu Touge

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