"I've finally found them! My sweet hips!!" When the main character, Shizuku, who loves cakes, goes into a particular cake store, he encounters a highly energetic patissier. It seems that he has a condition where if he doesn't lick the butt of his ideal man, his cakes will start to taste bad...... From that day on, the gaze of this pattisier has been locked on to Shizuku's butt! Anytime and anywhere, his butt is being grabbed! Lick! Lick! It even gets decorated with whipped cream!! Don't miss this debauchery! It's sweet..... too sweet!



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author :

Tadaki Otosaki

publisher :


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Japanese :

Do Hentai Patissier Showcase ni Naraberareta Boku no Oshiri

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Item List Current ch. 1 completed

Big Pervert Patissier - My Ass on Display -

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Pages: 33

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