Capsule Boyfriend: Open the Capsule and It's Baby-Making Time!

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There is a political strategy in japan to battle against the declining birthrate: a system that gives the 'right to marry' to randomly selected citizens. And the way to choose your partner is... through a human vending-machine! Hiroyuki, who received that right, spins the machine in the hopes of having a 'regular woman' as his partner... But what comes out is a soaking wet man! That's right: he spun the machine for a 'regular man' by mistake! There are no refunds, so he has no choice but to go home with his capsule man, Tatsumi. However, not only do they have to become a couple, but they must have sexual intercourse within one month and bear a child within one year...! What about Hiroyuki's feelings? Will they have a child? Enjoy the bizarre married life of these two men.


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Gachapon Kareshi Capsule Aketara Kozukuri Kaishi

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Capsule Boyfriend: Open the Capsule and It's Baby-Making Time!

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February 06, 2015 (JST)
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