I Want Love (+Sex) Just like in a Manga!

The erotic scene I drew in a manga came true!? My first experience of intense sexual pleasure is pushing my sensitive body to its brink!! How can real sex feel this good!? Prior to her current job, Nanoka wanted to become a shojo manga illustrator. Even though she is now the secretary of a manager (a pure sadist), Nanoka dreams of finding love just like in a manga. However, this only leads to daily criticisms from her boss. Then, one day, Nanoka finds a mysterious notebook and, for old time's sake, uses it to draw a manga. But when she draws a manga based on her sexual fantasies with a handsome co-worker, it actually happens! Upon inspecting the notebook, Nanoka finds that now, for some reason, she has been drawn having sex with her boss......!

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I Want Love (+Sex) Just like in a Manga! (1)

Pages: 53

Rent (48hrs) : $

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I Want Love (+Sex) Just like in a Manga! (2)

Pages: 53

Rent (48hrs) : $

Buy : $4.00



author : Shizukuuroco publisher : SCREAMO Managa Mitai na Koi + Ecchi ga Shitai

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